A book by Wawi Navarroza

This book is the printed element of Filipino artist Wawi Navarroza’s series of photographs entitled Hunt & Gather, Terraria . The collection, exhibited at Silverlens Gallery, consisted of photographs of glass terraria, assembled by the artist with plants foraged from 100 locations around Metro Manila. The specimen extractions were done by the artist in collaboration with a group of amateur botanists. The book contains 382 pages of documented research on all the plants and the locations from which they were gathered, as well as the exhibition artworks, related essays and an illustrated guide to building your own glass terrarium.

A volume such as this is a small publishing triumph in the Philippines, where art or design related publications almost never see the light of day.

Commission: WN Studio
Publisher: 5 Ports
+ Hardworking Goodlooking
Design: Kristian Henson
+ Stefan Kruse Jørgensen
+ Lobregat Balaguer
Illustrations: Ines Agathe Maud