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Cultural youth center &
audiovisual livelihood program. On a very small fisherman’s island.

http://officeocd.com/files/gimgs/th-18_2012-08-20 17_51_22.jpg


Cloyd Ribo, from Bantayan Island, was running an amateur film center out of his bamboo barbecue shack when we met him. In his free time, he was teaching teenagers from his town to edit video—on an obsolete PC and mostly from knowledge gained on YouTube tutorials— as well as providing much-needed personal guidance to each member of the group. He did all this out his own shallow pocket.

http://officeocd.com/files/gimgs/th-18_cloyd at computer.png
http://officeocd.com/files/gimgs/th-18_students computer.png

We decided to help Cloyd and the kids out by professionalizing their outfit into a production company (School of the Presidents) as an alternative career option for him and a permanent hang-out for his students. We expanded their activities into a youth-oriented arts center by conducting a series of film and photography workshops.


*****Typhoon Haiyan has destroyed the School of the Presidents headquarters. The project is on hiatus until further notice. We have received word that everyone is ok, but all Cloyd's computer and camera gear is gone. Electricity is a problem as well. Cloyd would like to rebuild his computer station, which was a prime source of livelihood. He has requested the following items: a PC Laptop or tower, a DSLR camera that films video and a solar panel. If you know how to get him any of these things, do get in touch.*****

http://officeocd.com/files/gimgs/th-18_film center.png


WShop #1
Basic Film Production 1
The OCD_Mar 2012

In this picture, a still from Cloyd's work before meeting us. It was a test-shot for his dream movie: a remake in his dialect of Kurosawa's iconic film, Rashomon.

Some material, scripts, storyboards and planning for future workshops and concept treatment for Rashomon Lawisanon remake on hard drive in Manila. The rest was lost in typhoon.

http://officeocd.com/files/gimgs/th-18_cloyd work.png

WShop #2
Basic Film Production 2

The OCD_Apr 2012
Practicum: Viral commercial

All material safe on backup drive in Manila and final edit on Vimeo.


Storyboard image for SOTP Viral video.

http://officeocd.com/files/gimgs/th-18_shot 3.jpg

WShop #3
Music Videos

The OCD_June 2012
Practicum: “Sorry Na Lang” video

Final edit lost in typhoon. Raw footage on backup drive in Manila.

http://officeocd.com/files/gimgs/th-18_color testing.png

Fundraiser held in NYC for Workshops #4 and #5


WShop #4
Filming a Diorama

The OCD_Aug 2012
Practicum: SOTP Fundraiser video

Final edit lost in typhoon. Raw footage on backup drive in Manila.


WShop #5
Low-cost Lighting for Exterior
& Interiors

Terence Ver Angsioco_Aug 2012
Practicum: SOTP (the band) Acoustic music video

All material lost in typhoon.


The Presidents using a china ball soft-light rig designed and welded for them in Madridejos.


WShop #6

Stefan Kruse Jørgensen@The OCD_Jan 2013
Practicum: RGB dance group video

All material lost in typhoon.


WShop #7
Posters and Paper Dioramas

Rasmus Skovdal@The OCD_Jan 2013
Practicum: Paperworks Poster and Stopmotion videos

Raw footage lost in typhoon. Final edits on Vimeo.